Sunday, June 8, 2014

Daisy Scout Garden Party

This year my daughter became a daisy scout. I was a brownie scout myself as a little girl (they didn't have daisies back then) and it's been so much fun to watch her grow and learn. I've been to a few girl scout outings with her this year too and they were all so much fun. It brought back a lot of memories from when I was a little girl.

Last Friday was the last meeting of this school year and to celebrate everything they have done and learned, they had a garden party. They played games, did a few crafts, went outside to blow bubbles and had some snacks. When the troop leader asked the other moms to bring treats, I volunteered to make some mini cupcakes for the event. I had made some earlier this year that looked like mums, and the troop leader was so impressed that she wanted me to make them again. This time I made roses (which ended up looking more like carnations), violets, sunflowers and daisies, all made with buttercream. And for each cupcake, except the ones with the violets on them, I put a little bee. I found them when I was shopping with my mom and thought they would look perfect. When I dropped the cupcakes off at school for the meeting, one of the co-leaders told me that the bee actually has a significance for Daisy scouting. In the first meeting of the year the girls were told a story of two little girls who were led to a garden by a bee, and that is where they began their journey as girl scouts! I loved all of them but my favorite was, of course, the sunflower! And the daisy. Oh heck... I love all of them. Especially those cute little bees!

 Congrats to all of the girls of Daisy Troop 8647 on a great year!

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