Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lucas's First Communion

I can hardly believe how quickly the years have gone by. It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating my son's baptism, and here he is, 7 years old and receiving his First Communion. I was so proud of him - he's been working so hard to be good in church, even when the mass was longer than he thought it would be. He was even chosen to read one of the petitions at mass, and read it perfectly . After everything he has done, I knew I had to make an extra special cake for his extra special day .

One of the things he did for his First Communion was to make a banner. I made one for my First communion as well, so it was fun helping Lucas make his. Cecilia actually played a role in the design. After I helped him draw a picture of what he wanted the banner to look like, Cecilia asked if she could color the picture while we cut out the pieces of felt. I told her, "sure, go for it!". When she got to the cross, she asked if she could make it colorful, after which Lucas said, "I want my cross to be colorful too!". I asked him how he wanted to do that, and after thinking a little bit, we decided to make a stained glass cross by gluing scraps of different colors to the black cross we had cut out. It was beautiful. Here Lucas is on his First Communion Day with his banner.

When it came time to make the cake - I decided to base it on that stained glass cross. The cake itself is chocolate and yellow with raspberry filling (just like the one I made a few weeks ago!), and the stained glass effect was acheived using black icing for the borders and tinted piping gel for the glass. The circle in the middle is fondant with the message written in black icing.

But I didn't stop there - nope, not this proud momma. I had some leftover frosting, so I put it to use making a special breakfast for my little man. Whole wheat pancakes with white frosting crosses, strawberries and grape juice!

Happy First Communion Lucas! We are all so proud of you!