Sunday, January 20, 2013


This cake was "sew" much fun to make. It involved me buying two new toys - another fondant mold, like the one I used for the whale cake, and a set of letter cutters. I love using new toys!

My friend Rachel asked me to make this cake for her daughter, Luci. Luci loves LaLaLoopsy dolls, and given her name, Rachel planned a LaLaLuci party. Her only request was that I use lots of bright colors and buttons, a ball border and some toys on top. She actually found a picture of a cake and after showing it to me said that she really liked the gumball border on the bottom. When I told her those weren't gumballs, but rather, fondant balls, I got to thinking, why not use gumballs? I mean, they are so much easier than rolling out little balls of fondant. The only thing I wasn't sure of was making them stick. And then Rachel said, "why not just pipe a line of icing around the base and stick them in there?" Duh! So she picked up some pink and purple gumballs at the candy store while she was getting candy for party favors, got the toy to go on top, and I picked them up from her house. Then I bought a silicone mold that makes really cute borders that look like lace along with buttons and little button flowers. But by far my favorite part was the letters. I've been meaning to buy these for months now and when I saw that the letters on her invitations were exactly the same as the letter cutter set, I ordered them! My friend Ann has been using these cutters for a long time now and I love how cute they look. And since they are gum paste, I can slide them around on the cake to position them just right before "gluing" them down (I just use water).

The cake itself is strawberry, with plain pink buttercream filling and frosting and of course lots of colorful fondant accents.

Happy Birthday Luci! I hope your day was sew much fun!