Sunday, July 22, 2012

For my little slugger!

My son Lucas started playing T-ball with the local little league organization this year. When I got the schedule, I saw that his last game was scheduled for the day after his birthday. Perfect opportunity to have a built-in theme for his birthday celebration. It didn't take much for me to convince him to have a baseball birthday cake, but he had one more request - it had to have an airplane too. It didn't take long for me to figure it out. I found a die-cast airplane that came with its very own stand and put that on the cake. If you use your imagination (which for my son was very easy!), it looks like the plane is doing a fly-by past the baseball diamond! The cake itself, per his request, is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (no filling here) and lots and lots of green grass, crushed graham crackers for the infield, and fondant bases

Happy 7th Birthday to my little slugger - congrats on a great year!

For one of Milwaukee's finest!

A couple of months ago, when my friend Diana had told me her son's birthday was coming up, I hinted that I was available to make a cake for him. She was more than happy to have me make his birthday cake, but then her boyfriend Joey, surprised her and bought a cake for him instead. And again, a couple weeks later, I had another chance to make a cake for her and her boyfriend bought one instead. Really great guy - buying all these cakes for her kids, one of which wasn't even his own child. Well, two weeks after the 2nd birthday I was talking to her again and she said that her boyfriend's birthday was coming up and she definitely wanted me to make a cake for him. She has made cakes before, but wanted this one to be extra special because of everything he had done for her in the past year. After looking online, she sent me a picture of a police car cake - really cute and looked pretty easy. Joey is a police officer with the Milwaukee Police Department, so a police car cake is very fitting for him. Well, the picture she showed me used a special 3D cake pan. I could not find said cake pan, so I decided to improvise. She wanted yellow cake with chocolate buttercream filling, so I made an 8 inch square cake, cut and stacked it to look as close to the shape of a car as I could. A bit disproportionate, but still pretty close.
Then, using the picture Diana sent me, I filled in the rest, and used Oreo cookies for the wheels (very popular with her younger kids!)
And a shot of it driving away to its destination...
Hope you liked your cake as much as I liked making it - and thanks for keeping us all safe!