Saturday, January 21, 2012

For my Little Princess

For my daughter's 4th birthday, I knew one thing was a given - it had to be all about princesses. I looked up different princess cakes on the Wilton website and gave Cecilia 3 designs to chose from. One was a doll cake, one was a shaped crown cake, and the third was a round cake decorated to look like a castle. It didn't even take 3 seconds - she pointed at the doll cake and said, "that one - but I want it to look like Cinderella!". So off to the store I went to buy a wondermold cake pan and a doll pick with blonde hair. After styling the hair on the doll pick to look like the famous Disney princess and "painting" the eyes blue (couldn't have a Cinderella with brown eyes!) I was ready to roll.

It was a lot easier than I thought it would be to ice the cake. The hardest part was icing the doll pick and working around the arms and various curves of this plastic torso. Then, for the headband, I first attempted it with buttercream, but it became a huge mess, so I cleaned it up as best as I could and went with fondant for that little detail. It turned out beautifully and my princess was thrilled.

Happy Birthday Cecilia!

Happy Birthday baby Jesus

I few years ago on Christmas I started a tradition of making a small birthday cake for baby Jesus. This year being my first with all that cake experience under my belt made me very excited. I had so many techniques to chose from - fondant or buttercream? shapes or flowers?

In the end I decided on a red velvet cake with peppermint buttercream filling and frosting, with poinsettia decorations.

Merry Christmas, everyone!