Saturday, September 17, 2011

What's black and white and red all over?

Yeah, I know. Old joke. But in this case, it isn't a newspaper. It's a cake!

Six months ago, My hubby's nephew Thomas got engaged. Seeing as I was in the process of taking cake decorating classes, I jokingly told him that I should make the wedding cake for them. Well, he sent his nephew a text, after which I told him to take it back before I got myself into some seriously hot water. He did, but then something happened that surprised me. His nephew asked if I would be interested in making the groom's cake for their wedding instead. After lots of thought (and a little encouragement from my cake decorating instructor, Ann), I decided to go ahead and do it. Then came deciding on a design. When I asked what kind of groom's cake he wanted, he said he'd be interested in something Packer themed, but when I discovered that the wedding cake would be decorated with the color purple, I knew I couldn't make a Packer groom's cake without making the wedding cake look like it was designed by a Vikings fan.
So I asked for other ideas, and he told me that he liked music too, so I googled some images, presented him with a few and he chose one. I was totally excited because it looked really cool, but relatively easy to decorate because of how simple it is. Then came the cake flavor. I started going down my list, and the groom was sold on the idea of red velvet cake. I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive, especially since it would be covered in white fondant. Would the red bleed through? So, I did a practice cake (see my birthday entry) and once I was sure it would work, I prepared for this undertaking.

Now, let me say first of all that this is the biggest cake I have ever covered in fondant. So yeah - I was a little bit nervous. But in the end, it was a lot easier than I thought. And it took a bit longer than I thought, but once I was done, I was so proud of my work, and honestly, I had to keep my head from floating away at the wedding reception, considering all the compliments I got.

Here, a picture of Thomas, the groom, pretending to "play" his piano cake. Oh, and the notes on the side are music from an actual song. One of his favorites - the theme for Star Wars. He recognized it the moment he saw it. :) Congrats, Thomas and Tasheena, I'm so glad I got to be part of your special day!!!